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Frequently Asked Questions

We gathered information on how to navigate through the Freshmeet U. platform. If you need more guidance, have a specific question or want to reach out, contact us below.

Messaging Profile

Once you’ve logged into the site, you will be directed to your Messaging Profile page. This is where people get to know you. Upload your Avatar, BG image and input your information by hitting the  “Edit Profile.” Put all of your info in and Save.

Public Profile

How to use FMU

About Section and Groups


  1. Cover Image – the cover image is the background you want for your Messaging Profile. You can change it whenever you want, just try to make your background within 1360px wide and 300px high.
  2. Avatar – this is your visual representation. It will be shown in the upper right corner of every page. You may change this at any time. Try to keep your image in the size range of 200px x 200px.
  3. About Section – This section shows information you want to highlight about You. This section allows others to get to know you a little better. It includes your Email, Phone or Contact info., Who Are You, How You Identify (Male, Female, Non-binary, etc.), your website and your other social media links. Feel free to fill out as much or as little as you want.


Your Groups section is automatically set to Freshie Group. If you want to create a group, just let us know! Have a group leader/manager, number of members, the members usernames and the title of your group – easy as 1, 2, 3!



You can send private messages to other users on this platform, unless they are listed as private. Simply click on your Message tab and where your Avatar is located, that’s where you type. Create messages with emojis and send it using the little black airplane to the right.



This is where you can read messages sent by other users/friends or FMU. You may receive a small message letting you know that someone has reached out to you.



This is where you see what’s going on with your friends. You can see how many friends you’ve connected with (networking is a plus), ask for or request friendships, and receive friend requests. Click on the items to the left to start your friendship journey.



This is where you control your profile. Your Account Details are what you signed in or registered as on our platform. You can set your Privacy settings to any of the following:

  • Everyone
  • Friends
  • Group Members
  • Friends and Group Members
  • Only Me

This is also where you can delete your account.


This page is the “Actor” or user page that everyone on the platform can see. This is where you can see all of your uploaded videos.

To access this page, roll over or, on mobile, click on your Avatar and a pull down menu will appear. Select the Public Profile option and you will be taken to this page.


This is where you can view all of the Channels you created. We ask you to limit your channels to 10. Here, you can see your channel views.

You can also view the number of Subscribers to your Channel(s). On the pull-down menu from your Avatar, you can select all of your Subscribed Channels – the channels you liked and subscribed to.

To create a Channel, click on the Channel option, located beneath your Avatar. On the right side of the screen, you will see the option to Create Channel. Select that option and fill out the form that follows. Please make sure to fill out ALL of the information that applies to your video – Thumbnail, Name of Video, Description, etc. We ask you to please keep your videos at or below 2 minutes.

Uploading Videos

This is the button that is located on the upper right corner of every page. On mobile, it’s in the upper section of the screen.


To upload individual video(s), you may not have created a Channel yet, select this option.

A form, like the one shown below should appear:

This form allows you to upload your video. Once you’ve completed and submitted the form, you video will be uploaded. We ask that you please limit the time of your video to 2 minutes.

The form contains the following fields:

  • Your Email
  • Title of your Video (required)
  • Video Description (required)
  • Video URL – if your video is located on another platform, simply copy the link and paste it here
  • Video File – if you are uploading the video from your phone or computer, select this option
  • Video Embed Code – if someone wants to embed or put your on their site, you can give them the html code here
  • Video Thumbnail (required) – you don’t want your video to appear without a cover image, people may not look at it
  • Tags
  • Select Category(ies) – we ask you to limit the Categories to 3 maximum
  • Send


(Photo Credit: Ivan Bertolazzi from Pexels)

If you would like to Advertise on the FMU site, please contact us at advertising@freshmeetu.com.


(Photo Credit: Hitarth Jadhav from Pexels)

If you are having any problems with your account and you could not find a solution above, contact us at services@freshmeetu.com.


(Photo Credit: Daria Shevtsova on Pexels)

If you want to learn more about Freshmeet U., please feel free to contact us at info@freshmeetu.com.