FMU the Book

“All I ever wanted to be is the uninhibited version of me!”
- N.R. Smith

In school, Creatives are classified as the dreamers – the ones who won’t succeed in life, the ones who are cast aside because they are misunderstood. In the world, Creatives are the ones who breathe life, energy, passion, color into existence. They are the ones who create virtual worlds and characters for gaming. They are the ones who create and produce the universal language, music. They are the ones businesses turn to and ask us to bring to life their company representations. They are the ones who bring magic into a drab existence and yet, they are the ones who have the hardest time trying to find a way in this “Adult” world.

What is the Freshmeet U. book about?

Freshmeet U., the book, takes “Real World” expectations and whimsical creative talent and merges it into a business plan or “life plan” for young, onset professionals.Emerging professional Creatives can use this plan or layout to build a foundation for making their dreams become reality. We answer questions like:

[mvc_flip_box style=”3d” height=”380″ size=”25″ descrsize=”16″ front_bg=”#dd1818″ image_id=”4197″ alt=”Questions about your future” radius=”50%” title=”What am I going to do with my life?” desc=”I don’t know what I want to do with my life right now! I don’t want a boring, regular 9-5 job, but I also don’t know what to do, which direction to take, what my strengths are, who I am – I just don’t know!” image_size=”120″ color=”#ffffff” descrcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”rgba(221,24,24,0.2)” heightmbl=”400″]

What am I going to do?

The world is changing! Virtual gaming, social media, music, art, dance, being an Influencer, all of these creative industries move the world – we can show you how to become a professional in these industries!


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This is how you start!

You need to have the confidence of a New Yorker! You need to be confident in your skills, your work and, most importantly, yourself! You are selling YOU, learn how to do this successfully.


[mvc_flip_box style=”3d” height=”380″ size=”25″ descrsize=”16″ front_bg=”#397725″ image_id=”4208″ alt=”Not a 9-5er” radius=”70%” image_size=”250″ title=”I’m a Creative, not a 9-5er” desc=”I don’t know how to focus my creative energy into a profession! Help ME!!!” color=”#ffffff” descrcolor=”#ffffff” bgcolor=”rgba(57,119,37,0.2)” heightmbl=”450″]

This is Creative Nation!

Good news! The book was written by a struggling Creative! We all have a path, we all have a life to live, the only question is will you live your life for you or for someone else? Learn how to map out your direction using the Freshmeet U. book as a guide!


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Excerpt from the book – “The journey to adulthood is not about what you do for a living, it’s a story of discovering who YOU ARE – the good, the bad and the unknown. It’s also about recognizing our origins in creativity, harnessing it’s magic and molding it into something that’s recognizable to the “Adult” world.”

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