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Freshmeet U. Policies – Our House, Our Rules!

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Joining the creative community of Freshmeet U. is like joining a family – there is a certain level of trust and respect we must develop with each other. We respect you and we expect you to trust us and respect each other.

This is our house, this is our platform, and we expect EVERYONE to treat it with respect.

We know we will be tested and we know we may not catch everything, but we ask you to please let us know when something disrespectful happens. If you think something is inappropriate, use the flag to let us know the video isn’t right. We will determine if it violates the Community Guidelines listed below. We will take action and we will keep you informed of our decision.

“Common-sense,” that’s what we expect you to use within our community, but there are some rules that you need to follow when you are here. We built this community so everyone will feel welcome and a part of something good, we ask you to keep it that way!

If you see any violations of the following guidelines, please report them to our email or flag the video. Include the username, link (if possible) or name of the video that was offensive, and/or the offensive comment and the video it was left under.

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Dangerous and/or Harmful Content

If you don’t want what you will post to happen to you, your family or anyone you care about, then don’t post it. Learn some empathy. Any videos inducing harm may be restricted or removed from the site. These terms include encouragement of dangerous and/or illegal activities that could result in bodily harm, death or destruction.

Here are some descriptions to accurately categorize harmful content:

Don’t do Jackass moves/challenges, threatening “pranks” or content, instructions to hurt, kill, harm, harass anyone on our site, advertising or highlighting hard drug use, making fun of any mental, emotional, physical disabilities, promoting violent events, hacking, and/or the promotion of dangerous, illegal remedies/cures. If all else fails, remember the 10 Commandments.

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Hate or Promotion of Hate Content

On this platform we are free of hate and the promotion of hate. If you want to spread this toxin, I suggest you take it somewhere else. This is a community created for and built by people of various cultures, religions, races and genders.

If you promote violence, hatred, condemnation against people based on their age, race/ethnicity, gender, disability, gender identification or expression, nationality, religion, or any physical, mental, emotional disability, you will find that your information will be restricted or completely removed from the site.

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Violent/Graphic Content

Leave the gore and intimidation to Hollywood. There are some allowances for creative interpretation, but when it’s disturbing, too gory, or your audience must seek help after seeing your content, it may be too much. On this platform, we cater to Creatives, and Creatives usually go towards the more bizarre, troubling, starkly contrasting “normal” activities.

Expression as a movie creator/director/writer/producer, may have a little more leniency, but if it violates the other rules, and it disturbs a group of other users, we will restrict and/or remove the content.

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Nude and/or Sexual Content

Again, this is another topic that’s a little hard to prove. This site is for creative expression and use, however, we are not a pornographic platform. Creative expression is welcome but it does limit sexual content. Any child under the age of 18 that is used in a sexual manner or within sexual content will NOT be tolerated, in any fashion, on this site. We work closely with law enforcement, we will snitch!

You cannot clearly show genitals, breasts, and/or your butt in a sexual manner or for sexual gratification. You may not show acts or pornography depicting sexual acts, genitals, fetishes all for the purpose of sexual gratification.

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Spam, Scam and Metadata

Ok, so if you want people to check out your videos, be honest with them. Don’t mislead people and trick them into viewing your stuff. Don’t use the wrong tags, categories, etc. to get more views/subscribers. Don’t over-saturate the site with unwanted, uninspired, repetitive content and flood users with private messages and comments.

Do not use video spam (excessive posting of videos and/or content and try to trick users so you can get more views, traffic, clicks to your channel(s) and/or video(s), and don’t send your users to sites that spread malware, steal/take/gather personal information, or sites that will have a negative impact.

No voter suppression – any misleading information regarding elections, meaning changing the time, date, location and/or eligibility requirements for voting.

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Cyberbullying and Harassment

It’s not ok, period! Don’t post abusive/demeaning comments and/or videos about people with any physical, mental, emotional disability, or any person, period! If you post something that leads to an attack on another person, you may be held responsible. Remember, we work closely with law enforcement. Don’t be a JERK!

Don’t call people demeaning/hurtful names. Never post racial slurs! Don’t call out, bring attention to, insult, hurt, threaten, or call to negatively impact someone who has been a victim of abuse – sexual, domestic, child, racial, gender identification abuse.

Do not abuse minors with your comments and/or posts – you intend to shame, deceive, insult, or encourage others to do negative actions towards minors.

Unless you are making abuses aware to us or to your audience, do not abuse others. Let us know your intent in the description section of your post or in your comments.

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Upload videos YOU created or you are authorized to use. We don’t claim copyright over any content, images, videos unless it was created by us.

Don’t upload videos you like but didn’t create without the creator’s permission. Don’t upload videos that have your created content but it’s mixed with another creator’s content – such as music, copyright snippets, other people’s graphic and/or images, unless you have their permission to use it in your video.

If there is a dispute, discrepancy, claim, mistake or infringement regarding a video, please contact us ( and we will try to work with you.

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Threats (Stalker, Pedophile, and Predators – Beware!)

Predatory behavior against minors (children under the age of 18), minorities, the LGBT community, men and women, will result in disciplinary action. Things like stalking, threats, harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, revealing personal information, encouragement of others to take predatory and/or violent action against people will be taken seriously and result in action. Anyone caught or reported doing these things may be removed from the site.

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Don’t post anyone’s personal information and/or pictures on the site. If you see yourself, hear your voice, see any records that solely relate to you (financial, address, phone number, contact information, or other personal identification information) posted in a video and/or comment on our site, please inform us immediately and we will take action. If someone is calling you out for violating the guidelines of our site and you report them, the results may not be what you expected, again, don’t be a jerk.

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Don’t try to be someone else, you are one in  12 billion. If you are trying to impersonate someone/something while trying to drive traffic to your video and/or channel, you could be removed from our site.

If your channel mimics/copies another channel – the Avatar, image, background, description or overall feel of another channel, to drive traffic to your site, it could be removed and you may be asked to create a new channel without the similarities of other channels. If you are a constant abuser, you may be removed from the site.

If you try to impersonate another user and your content looks and feels exactly like theirs and you are trying to drive traffic to your video, you may be asked to remove the video. If you are in constant violation of this rule, you may be removed from our site.

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Child Safety

Ok, so some of the content on our site may not be suitable for those under the age of 18. We will do our best to ask our users to post videos and images that are user friendly to all. If you are posting content that should not be viewed by a minor, please say it in the title and/or description.

To keep our youth safe, please refer back to the other guidelines within this page.

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Protecting Your Identity

We want to ensure our users that their information will not be stolen, but we cannot be 100% sure. Be careful about what you post – your location, accidentally revealing your credit card and/or banking information (believe me, this happens more often then you think), your password, anything that can be used to steal your identity.

Freshmeet U. makes a promise not to sell your personal information to third-party companies, however, if you sign in using a social media login, you are held to that company’s data and privacy policy – we do not know what they may with your information.

You can make your page private, you can restrict private messaging, you can take measures to protect your personal information, but if someone else blasts your private information, please contact us immediately.