Roy Cox Pilot Study Video

Meet Roy Cox

Roy Cox is a celebrity photographer. His resume is immense, and he wants to help others get to where he is today. He will be featured during our FMU LunchTime Talk. They will be streamed on our platform, Facebook, and Instagram.

Learn more about why Roy Cox joined the Freshmeet U. family.

In This Video

In this video Roy discusses the instability you may feel when starting your own company, how he pursued his dream, internships, pricing, and soaking in information!

Feel free to download the 5-Takeaways video from Roy, you never know when you may need this info.

Topics include: 1. You Can Go Far With Passion, 2. They Are Never Going To Be You, 3. There Will Always Be Competition, 4. You Can Only Tolerate So Much Stress, and 5. Surround Yourself With Good People


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