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"The young Creatives must be empowered and unleashed to redesign and re-imagine a bold new equitable business world for future generations." Natalie Smith

What the Experts Are Saying

[vc_testimonial style=”theme2″ nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”4647″ alt=”Roy Cox” name=”Roy Cox” prof=”Celebrity Photographer” bgclr=”#417f07″]Freshmeet U. gives young Professional Creatives something that I didn’t have – support, mentors and avenues for funding opportunities.  Had I had this when I first started, who knows where I would be with my company today.


[vc_testimonial style=”theme2″ nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”4648″ alt=”Monica” name=”Monica Jones” prof=”Fitness Guru” bgclr=”#417f07″]Motivation and inspiration can sometimes be a heavy challenge when digging in deep into the building of your company.  There are so many obstacles at times and you need a little push, a little motivation to keep going.  FMU gives that encouragement, that inspiration to keep going.  They have faith in you and what you bring to the table.  Now, they want you to believe in yourself!


[vc_testimonial style=”theme2″ nameclr=”#000000″ profclr=”#000000″ image_id=”4649″ alt=”Vinnie POTESTIVO” name=”Vinnie Potestivo” prof=”Owner of VPE Talent” bgclr=”#417f07″]Freshmeet U. has created a platform that brings Creatives together who want to grow their business, learn and get advice from top professionals who have been where they are today.  The stories are powerful.



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Professional Creative

Professionals are individuals who are  being paid for their work. Creatives can be  defined as anyone who performs a talent. – Filmmakers, painters, chefs, Gamers, graphic designers, NFT artists, just to name a few. Put them together and you get Professional Creatives









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How Can Freshmeet U. Help Me?

Freshmeet U. is more than a platform, it’s the next step in the Creative Industry evolution. Our strength lies in our dedication to our users – to give them the tools, resources, knowledge and support they need to become entrepreneurs.






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Are Your Experts Legit?

YES! You may not know their face, but you know their work! You’ve seen their work throughout popular TV shows, social media, streaming platforms and digital magazines. They know what they’re doing and they’re willing to share!


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What is a Resource Funnel?

Think of it like the Jetson’s funnel, you tell it where you need to go and it get’s you there! Whether its capital (MONEY), mentoring, networks, or tools , our funnel or partner companies are there for you!



Get Access to the Creative Community

Freshmeet U. is a sustainable, evolving platform that encourages burgeoning Creative professionals. We utilize Messaging, Video, and Chat, to connect with our audience. Applying these tactics will help our users absorb knowledge and advice, all within a familiar and supportive environment.