Who is this?

In three years, I went from having absolutely no experience in 3D Animation to working at DreamWorks Animation Studios to teach just about all of the 3D software we use- and I’m not done yet!

Requirements: Bachelor’s degree in computer animation or fine art or graphic art; on the job training, some experience (1 yr for entry level position, 3 or more for mid-level or advanced

Pros and Cons: Pros – Global animation industry is huge; can be quite lucrative; gives you freedom to create on your own; you are paid to express your feelings; brainstorm by visualizing content; go at your own pace. Cons – Time consuming (drawing for each frame); repetition of work can become tiresome, meaningless; long hours can become stressful

Salary: 6% job growth, approximately $63,970 annually

This is my journey- the entire process from when I decided I wanted to be an animator until I eventually get there, and everything along the way that will make it possible. Whether you’re chasing a similar dream, or just interested to see where mine takes me, subscribe to follow along with the incredible journey that it takes to become an animator! You will not be disappointed. Keep up with the action and connect with me on social! ———————————————————————————————————- Instagram: Facebook: Snapchat: sir-wade LinkedIn:… Twitter: Thanks for watching!

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