What Does It Take to be a Pro-Gamer

We asked 6 questions to the 6 members of Cloud9’s Overwatch team. Watch this video and get to know the team a little better and find out what it takes to become a pro gamer.

Requirements: Pick your game, Practice extensively, Stay motivated, Gear up, Join a professional gaming organization, Find a team, Enter tournaments, and get sponsored,

Pros and Cons: Pros – Prize money, Make decisions quicker, More social interaction than you think, Possible global fame (if you master a popular or underground game), travel, great hand/eye coordination. Cons – Invest a lot of time, health issues from sitting so long, if you are not a “people-person” you can become very isolated socially.

Salary: Approximately $25,000 starting, but after tournaments, you could reach close to $500,000 annually

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